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It is my pleasure to recommend Isabelle F. as a French instructor.

I have known Ms. F. for over two years in her capacity as my French tutor, and in that time, I have found her to be a dedicated educator. Her years of experience and knowledge, combined with her flexibility and willingness to engage her pupils in developing a learning plan which not only meets their learning objectives, but incorporates their interests, distinguishes her as an exceptional instructor in her field.

In addition to these qualities, I personally have found learning with Ms. F. to be an absolute pleasure. She has a talent for drawing out the best in me even in those instances when I feel tired or frustrated, and remains indefatigable in her approach to my ongoing learning by seeking new ways in which to aid my understanding and growth in relation to the French language through reading and discussing literature, grammar exercises and general conversation. Moreover, as a result of her guidance, I have become more both more fluent and confident, and I always look forward to our weekly sessions.

It is for these reasons, then, that I feel Ms. F. to be an outstanding French instructor, and that any pupil would benefit greatly from her tutelage.


Kazim M.

Deputy District Registrar


I have been taking weekly one-on-one French lessons with Isabelle and she helped me become more comfortable speaking French as well as helped me improve my grammar.

Isabelle is a great teacher because she not only corrects your school work but also brings many exercises to the lesson. With her help, I got an A in a college level French course. To improve my oral speaking, she sends me current events videos that I have to summarize on paper and talk about for a few minutes. I found that very fun and an interesting way to learn French. One-on-one tutoring with Isabelle is very flexible in terms of learning material and learning pace.

I would definitely recommend Isabelle to anyone who is looking to improve their French and I am very fortunate to have her as my tutor.


Marina T. C.

College student

When my six-year-old daughter Elise got into French Immersion in Grade one, my husband and I were delighted. Neither of us could help her with her homework and went to work finding a tutor to help her both enjoy and excel in French. We were elated to find Isabelle who is a patient, kind and reasonably-priced tutor. She is reliable (has literally never missed a session) and finds creative ways to engage our daughter in her once-a-week sessions.

I would recommend using Isabelle for any age of learner, whether they are at an elementary, high school or university-level or just keeping up their skills for fun.


Erica S.

Public Relations Professional


Recep G.

Health Economist


This is a letter of reference for Isabelle F., who is my daughter’s French language tutor. She has been my daughter’s tutor since July of 2015. My daughter is almost 10 years old. In our first conversation, Isabelle said to me, “I never met a child who I did not think could learn.”I knew right away that she had a positive attitude toward children and learning.

Isabelle was recommended to us by our friend, who is also a teacher. My daughter enjoys her sessions with Isabelle a great deal. My daughter says that Isabelle is easy to talk to and extremely patient. There is a good balance of challenge and humour at each session.

Personally, I have been very impressed at how Isabelle prepares for each tutoring session. She has lessons planned so that there is a variety to offer the student. She borrows books from the library, which she thinks my daughter will enjoy, and gives her a choice when they read together. Isabelle kindly offered to synchronize her efforts with my daughter’s teacher which I really thought exceeded the expectation of most tutors. I feel that my daughter has made a great deal of progress with her in French, which would have eluded her if she did not have Isabelle’s guidance.

Isabelle is professional, punctual and extremely knowledgeable. I would strongly recommend Isabelle to any child, adult or family for her expertise in the education of the French language.



Connie T.,

B.A., B. Sc. N., Registered Nurse, Parent


I have been taking weekly one-on-one French tutoring sessions with Isabelle F. since June 2015 and, looking back, I can honestly say I have made marked improvements in all aspects of the language: writing, speaking and listening. I told Isabelle my learning objectives and she took flexible measures to ensure that I am comfortable with the learning materials, while making improvement in those areas. When I first started, I dared not speak at all; however, through topical oral comprehension exercises, listening to documentaries, discussing short stories and the efforts I have made in those areas, I’m now more comfortable in speaking and have become more spontaneous than before. My grammar has improved as well, because we did enough exercises to strengthen my understanding.

One-on-one tutoring has flexibility in terms of learning material, learning pace, and most importantly, schedule. We are not bound to specific books, fixed schedule or fussy policies that tutoring centres usually impose. I would definitely recommend Isabelle to anyone who is looking for serious French lessons.

Luke C.

Internal Auditor


P.S.: I have just returned from a business trip to France; during the trip, I communicated with my colleagues there in French (including email as well). I made the effort of speaking the language when I was there and people had no problem understanding me. It boosted my confidence a lot.  


I am a retired ESL and Special Needs teacher. I have taught at the elementary, secondary, university and Adult Education levels. One of my retirement goals was to devote more time to my life-long attempt to become competent in French, a language I began studying in high school and college. Two and a half years ago, when I retired, I began classes at a private language school. Given my atypical background (having reached an Intermediate level of French, but so long ago) and age, I realized that I required some regular one-on-one French help in addition to group classes.

While searching for a tutor, I had the excellent good luck to find Isabelle F. We have been meeting once a week for the past two years.

I was nervous before my first lesson, as it was a bit like a blind date, but Isabelle breezed into the café shop and immediately put me at ease with her focused yet casual and welcoming manner. I was vague about what I wanted to do in each session, but Isabelle had many ideas and suggestions and expertly helped me structure a programme of what we would do together.

In each lesson, we begin by doing over my homework/ questions for my group class that week. Isabelle is able to clearly explain my errors, any new grammar, and often provides similar, more in-depth exercises of her own to augment what we are studying in class. She is always able to choose motivating materials at my level of French ability; not too easy or not too difficult.

Another part of each lesson are challenging and interesting conversations in French between Isabelle and I, on topics that interest us both. We also laugh a lot as Isabelle has a wonderful sense of humour and is lively and engaging. 

Reading selections are another part of our lessons that I thoroughly enjoy. Isabelle has helped me understand content and vocabulary of books I have chosen on my own, and has also recommended wonderful books that I was not familiar with. Isabelle has also helped me improve and correct summaries that I write on my reading selections. She’s an excellent and patient editor.

Isabelle is a very professional tutor and is always very encouraging. Each lesson is interesting and enjoyable. I occasionally have days when my energy is low, but the minute we start our lesson, time just flies by because Isabelle makes everything so interesting and pushes me to do my best.

I am glad to unreservedly recommend Isabelle as a French tutor.


Sybil F.

Retired ESL and special Ed. Teacher


Isabelle has been tutoring my two children for one and a half years now. My children are enrolled in the French Immersion Program at Churchill Secondary. They are in grade 8 and Grade 11 respectively.

My children have improved their French reading and writing skills tremendously after having Isabelle as their tutor. Isabelle is a responsible and dedicated teacher who is always on time for her scheduled lessons, rain or shine. My children enjoy the lessons a lot because Isabelle makes them fun and interesting. 

We are very fortunate to have Isabelle as my children’s teacher. 


Tammy H.,



I decided to pursue private tutoring to help me brush up my French language skills after a long absence from college. I wanted to receive more individual attention because the group class I had been taking at a local school was not adequate.

Isabelle provided a curriculum tailored for my interests, which was French for use in the workplace that I couldn’t find elsewhere. As a result, I was able to pass the Test de Français International at the B2 level.

She is very knowledgeable about teaching grammar and French culture. I found her fees to be reasonable and better value than a group class.

I enjoyed meeting with Isabelle weekly and I recommend her as a tutor.

Yours truly,

Kerry Annette H.

Executive Assistant


Isabelle is an exceptional tutor!  She has tutored my daughter once a week for the past two years.  My daughter has greatly improved her French language skills in reading, writing and grammar.  Not only did she enjoy her tutoring sessions, she has gained confidence in her abilities to read and write.  

Isabelle brings a wonderful skill set to the job she demonstrates an engaging way of relating to kids while providing a variety of activities for students to work through.  Isabelle provides a fun, enjoyable yet structured learning environment for her students. 

I highly recommend Isabelle as a tutor.

Brenda F.,

Primary School Teacher

Vancouver School Board





Letter of Recommendation

Isabelle is my son’s French teacher in Vancouver. She is humorous and lively. Isabelle’s teaching methodology is practical and grounded on everyday life. She has sparked my son’s love for learning French. Isabelle is a brilliant teacher, and we are grateful for her!

Best Wishes!

Yvonne & Asia L.


My name is Sara P. and I am a current student at the Conservatoire de musique à Montréal, where I am completing my master’s degree in music composition. Before beginning school in Montreal, I lived and worked in Vancouver for just under 2 years. Beyond learning French in an anglophone high school, I had very limited experience in speaking French, especially with native French speakers. My classes at the Conservatoire in Montreal are taught in French, and I soon as I received my acceptance letter, I began searching for a French tutor in Vancouver.

Isabelle has been exceedingly helpful with my French studies. I have been able to tailor my lessons to my degree program, as well as specific grammatical aspects of the French language I wanted to understand better. She has worked to help me speak French more fluently and to increase my oral comprehension of the language. we did S.A.T. and grammar exercises, read sections of text and looked at musical terminology, each week I would also write a paragraph and explain the content and subject I had written about in my next lesson.

I really enjoyed working with Isabelle because of her friendly approach and excellent work ethic. She was very understanding of my concerns with my knowledge of French and provided a large variety of exercises and assignments to increase my comprehension.

I highly recommend Isabelle as a teacher to anyone who wants to learn French. She was a pleasure to work with and I would not have been ready to study at the Conservatoire in Montreal without her tutelage.

Sara P.  

Master student in music composition 

Conservatoire de musique de Montréal                                                                                    


Isabelle has been my tutor for over three years. She has prepared me for exams at University Level French courses as well as French Language Appraisal testing preparation.  While I was doing a teaching practicum she helped proof read and correct secondary level French lessons and exams as well as help facilitate new lesson ideas. 

She has also been very good at developing my knowledge and speaking ability over time – building on what’s been covered in previous sessions and consolidating what we’ve covered before. 

With her help I am aware of my mistakes and through practice I have the ability to overcome them. I continue my lessons with her on a weekly basis for the purpose of retaining what I have learnt for professional gain and now using in for personal enjoyment through article, novel reading, grammar, discussion and practice.

I’d have no hesitation in recommending Isabelle to anyone who would like to, or is in need of a tutor.  She has proven highly skilled in my French tutor needs of academic, professional and personal language practice purposes.


 Dorota S.

 Secondary School English Teacher

 & French as a Second Language Teacher

 Vancouver School Board


Isabelle is an excellent French tutor. I have been taking lessons with her for about a year now and I am very pleased with my improvement in learning this beautiful language. My interest in learning French language stems from my passion for learning in general, grasping the second official language of Canada as well as broadening my cultural knowledge.

Isabelle is very professional and uses fun and valuable teaching materials. She understands her students' needs and customizes her lessons accordingly. I have had other French tutors and I feel fortunate to have found Isabelle who is a dedicated and fun teacher. I am surprised by how much I can now understand and express myself in French and I am greatly thankful to Isabelle for that. We have had many deep and wonderful conversations in French discussing interesting topics. 

I immensely enjoy my lessons and I highly recommend Isabelle to anyone who would like to learn French from a fantastic teacher.

Marjan H.

PhD Student in Business Administration, UBC

我女兒是九年級生,跟Isabelle學習法語已經有一年半的時間。Isabelle 在教學方面是一位認真負責的老師,她幫助我女兒的法語,無論是在聽、說、讀、寫各方面都有顯著的進步, 也讓她在學校的法語成績各列前茅。我們很高興也很感謝有一位像Isabelle這樣的好老師。

Jennifer L.
******* English Translation ******
My daughter is a ninth grade student who has studied French with Isabelle for a year and a half. Isabelle is a dedicated and responsible teacher. She has helped my daughter improve in all facets of the language, be it listening, oral, reading, or writing. Isabelle has also enabled my daughter to achieve some of the best grades in her French class. We are very pleased and grateful to have a spectacular teacher like Isabelle. 

Jennifer L.



After being disappointed by group courses in French, I found Isabelle, who designed lessons to fit my precise needs. Isabelle gives me various stories to read, idioms to learn and grammatical exercises as needed. She helps me converse in French.

I always have homework, which Isabelle corrects with me, so that I can learn from my errors. Isabelle is mature, cheerful, encouraging and very responsible. I can always count on her to be on time and well prepared for our lessons. It is always clear that she has chosen material specifically for me, based on my level, my difficulties, my interests and my goals.

Now I am much more comfortable speaking French than I was ten months ago when I started my tutorials with Isabelle. I feel ready to travel in France with confidence, which has been my goal.

Mary Y.
Retired Secondary English Teacher
Vancouver School Board


My daughter, who is in grade 11, was struggling in French class and she wanted to get a higher mark for University, but school was not enough and she needed extra help. Once I found Isabelle, my daughter immediately began achieving better grades.

Isabelle is very professional and her teaching approach shows that she understands what her students know and what they need improvements on. She knows how to help the student understand in their own way. Isabelle is very flexible in meeting her student’s needs. Her classes have a good balance of teaching grammar, reading comprehension, pronunciation and listening comprehension. You may choose to focus more on what you need. Isabelle always comes to class prepared ready to work and she makes the learning process interesting and enjoyable. 

Ani K.


Impressed French student,

I am an avid traveler and fan of world cultures who has been taking lessons with 
Isabelle for two and a half years now. I have had great success and progress 
because of the structure and support Isabelle has given me in learning French 
while working a full-time job and completing engineering studies.

What I enjoy most about Isabelle's programs is that she maintains flexibility for 
the student to suit their own needs and schedule to this huge learning task, while
keeping goals and progress in check and always moving forward.

I have been rewarded from this French learning by traveling around Quebec, 
staying with a French family, and speaking French every day. 

Language has been much more than just communication to me, it opens doors 
into a whole new world of another culture.

I am very grateful to have taken these tutoring classes and achieved so much. 
I highly recommend taking classes with Isabelle. It is 10 times faster to learn 
this way than in a class with a number of other people.

Thanks for reading,
Jesse W.
Civil engineer


I am pleased to be able to highly recommend Isabelle F. for teaching French to students who are interested in improving their French language skills. Over the past year Isabelle has worked with my daughter, who is a grade 9 French immersion student.

In particular, my daughter liked practicing the work sheets Isabelle provided. In the beginning, they chose a suitable French novel that they worked through, they practiced speaking French in an encouraging manner on a lesson to lesson basis.

Isabelle has excellent communication skills and a love for the French language. She works tirelessly to inspire her students to perform to a very high level.

I can strongly recommend her as a French language tutor who is inspiring and fun to learn with.



Bettina B.

Architect  AIBC


I’ve been learning French with Mrs. Isabelle F. since February 2011. I met her for my first tutoring session in a coffee shop. French being my third language, it was a challenge for me to learn this new language but Isabelle made it enjoyable. After studying English for many years in Japan, I found that learning French was a new and exciting challenge.

As most people know, French can be a complex language, but Isabelle’s support always made it easier to understand and learn. One of the good things about Isabelle’s teaching style is that she always took the time to explain and adapt to my needs as a student. She was always there for me, when I needed the extra support and encouragement. She kept a flexible teaching approach and took my interests into account.

I appreciate that Isabelle has helped me gain more opportunities by learning this language properly.

I feel without a doubt that I made the right choice, by choosing Isabelle as my tutor, rather than other options, such as enrolling in a class or learning online.


Aya O.

Sushi Chef & Business Coordinator 


My family has had the pleasure of utilizing the tutorial services of Isabelle F. since fall 2010. Isabelle has tutored both our daughters in high school French from grades 7 – 11. Both girls not only gained confidence in the subject, but they also received much better grades, which were reflected on their reports cards.

We always found Isabelle to be organized, efficient and extremely competent. She has a great rapport with our family and the girls have greatly valued her help with their French studies. Her communication skills, both written and verbal, are excellent.

In summary, I highly recommend Isabelle and her French tutorial services.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.


Kyle B.


Isabelle has been a great help to my French at school. Her tutoring has improved my writing, reading grammar and oral communication skills. We do a variety of things together, such as reading a novel, doing grammar exercises or DELF. Because of her, I believe that my French skills have greatly improved.

I recommend her to anyone learning or needing help with French. Even if you are doing well at school, you can learn many new things with her.

Wesley C.

General Gordon School

Grade 6 - 11 years old


Isabelle has been tutoring our children to prepare them to join the “late French immersion program” at the age of 12.

Our children love her approach and we are so pleased with their progress in French. We have seen our children’s confidence grow and they have been scoring the highest grades in their class. Isabelle’s tutoring helped my older daughter to get admitted in French Immersion and my youngest daughter has applied for September of this year. 

I have recommended Isabelle to a number of my friends. They are also happy with her teaching and they recognize improvement in their kids’ grades.

Komathi A.

Medical technologist, VGH


 我女儿很喜欢上Isabelle老师的课。 老师给她讲故事,学发音。有时还用电脑给她听儿歌,玩游戏 上课一点不觉得枯草。现在我女儿可以自己念书,做练习。 平时碰到问题或学校的作业有问题,老师都给了很大帮助。

Tina 的妈妈 


My daughter really enjoys Isabelle’s lessons. The tutor tells her stories and teaches her pronunciation. Sometimes she also uses the computer to listen to children songs and play games. The lessons are not boring.

Now my daughter can read by herself and do exercises. Whenever she encounters problems at school the tutor always gives her a lot of assistance.

Tina's mum

Sofia S.



We had been studying French for a few years, before Isabelle was recommended to us as a tutor, and in a matter of a few months under Isabelle’s tutelage, our speaking skills and our grasp of French grammar improved significantly.

Isabelle’s teaching style is direct with the right amount of light-heartedness as she explains the foundation of the French language while encouraging you to join in the conversation.

We recommend Isabelle for her passion and her commitment to her students, in 
building the confidence needed in mastering this language. Her expertise is for any person, at any age, and for any reason they chose to learn this beautiful language.

Joyce G.
Azurean Sculpture & Architecture

Judith L.
Latowski Design Consultants Ltd.


I decided to take French for career-related reasons. A few sessions later, Isabelle had sparked a genuine passion in me for learning this beautiful language. She understands how to incorporate my suggestions and learning style into very helpful sessions. I truly appreciate her ability to meet the needs of an adult learner. 

 Thanks to Isabelle, I am much more confident in speaking the language, and I can understand most of what I come across on daily basis. I would recommend Isabelle to anyone looking for a French tutor who is professional and fun at the same time.

Wendy S.
Barrister and Solicitor


Isabelle has tutored me in French since January of 2011. Since that time my written and oral abilities have both improved dramatically, and I attribute this improvement to her teaching. 

I have lessons once weekly, and the instruction time is divided between written grammatical exercises, conversations and reading. Isabelle has allowed me to focus on the areas of French I am most interested in improving. I was able to pick up my own reading material and Isabelle has even accommodated my desire to learn some legal language.

I recommend Isabelle wholeheartedly.

Alex B.
Law student


I highly recommend my daughter’s French tutor Isabelle to those who would like to improve their French for speaking, reading and writing. As a native speaker and with years’ tutoring experience Ms Isabelle has all what makes a good language teacher. Under her help, my daughter made great progress in her French.

Now as a grade 8 student, she is in French 10 class at her school. My daughter says "Isabelle is very great and awesome!”

Robin L.
Sr Software Engineer

I highly recommend Isabelle as a Private French Tutor. Isabelle has been working with my eight year old daughter, Jadyn, for over a year and Jadyn is exceeding expectation is her French reading at school.

 Isabelle has a wonderful rapport with Jadyn and her ability to teach and engage her in learning French is superior. She is extremely organized, patient and reliable. Isabelle is a trustworthy individual and worth every penny.


Janet S.

Accountant Controller

Le français à votre portée !    French within your reach !

Vancouver, B.C.



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