Allons-y! French Tutoring Services

Our clients encompass all individuals interested in learning French in a non-competitive environment. We cater to all ages. Since they are adapted to each individual, the tutorial sessions are structured to suit the needs of a diverse population: Allons-y! French Tutoring Services provides services for K-12 students (including students in French immersion) as well as adults, offering review to those who did not have the opportunity to practice for extended periods of time.

• K-12 students: From ages 6 to 18 all students can benefit from our services. Many F.S.L. students, who studied French for years, graduate from high school unable to speak French and we can make a difference. Advanced students who want to master the language faster as well as those experiencing difficulties at school.

• Children who were unable to join the French immersion program at the age of 6 due to the limited number of seats available, but are planning to join “late immersion” in grade 6.

• College and University students: in most cases, there is little opportunity for practice during class time for students taking university courses.

• Professionals: As the official second language in Canada, many occupations require French (flight attendants, in some cases lawyers, people working for the government or in the business sector, etc.). Knowing French as a second language is a sure asset for any professional. It can provide better opportunities for career advancement.

• French teachers: (yes, you read that correctly!) French teachers  sometimes need help correcting students' assignments, preparing new exercises or proofreading various material needed for French Immersion classes. The sheer number of assignments that need to be corrected can be quite overwhelming, especially if the teacher is not a native speaker.

• Individuals and businesses needing short translations: professional translators will charge a minimum fee for any length of text. It may be more economical for you to consider an alternative if you have only a short text.

• Adults learning French for personal reasons: Many people enjoy traveling in French speaking countries and wish to review basic grammar and everyday vocabulary to be able to interact with local populations and transform their travelling experience.
Le français à votre portée !    French within your reach !

Vancouver, B.C.


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