Allons-y! French Tutoring Services


Allons-y! French Tutoring Services offers reasonable rates to make tutoring more affordable to all, unlike large franchises, which have a heavier structure and must cover their higher marketing and administrative costs. Thus, our students come from all income levels.

Allons-y! French Tutoring services operates in Vancouver.
• For the basic rate of $28 /hour, a tutor can commute to the client’s home, to most neighborhoods in Vancouver*.
• To keep the rates low, we do not operate a learning centre.
• No hidden fees
• No mandatory testing fees


*Please note that we do not work on the North Shore, nor downtown/ West End, nor on UBC campus. However, if you live in one of those neighbourhoods, there is always a possibility to meet in a library and/or quiet coffee shop if you’re able and willing to commute. 


Please, feel free to book one trial session for $28/hr

before deciding if you wish to continue 


Paid monthly in advance 

Minimum one hour per week

One student:                            $28/hr 

Two students (same level):      $22/hr each student  


Pay as you go

One student:                            $35/hr

Two students (same level)         $24/hr each student                                               


In some cases, purchasing a book might be necessary
Le français à votre portée !    French within your reach !

Vancouver, B.C.



Note that a makeup session can usually be set up on an alternative day if a student cannot make it on a particular date.

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