Allons-y! French Tutoring Services

Allons-y! French Tutoring Services operates in Vancouver. For a reasonable rate, a tutor will come to the student's home, to most neighborhoods in Vancouver. This convenient option is most popular among busy individuals and “time-crunched” parents.

However, as an alternative option, if an adult learner does not wish carry out the session at his/her home or if he/she lives too far, the tutor can meet the adult student in a public place such as a library or a quiet coffee shop. There are many coffee shops in Vancouver with a clientele almost exclusively composed of students working on their homework.

Informal atmosphere.
The tutoring environment lends itself to ease of instruction, if it takes place at the child’s residence. The familiar, less threatening atmosphere will immediately make the child feel more comfortable. If the tutoring takes place at the child's home, this will also add to the comfort level. For children who are struggling academically, surroundings are important because they can make the child feel less pressured, less intimidated and more comfortable and open.

To keep our rates low, we do not operate a learning center.
Le français à votre portée !    French within your reach !

Vancouver, B.C.


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