Allons-y! French Tutoring Services

There are many advantages of tutoring to taking a class. 

1. Undivided attention of the tutor: When working one-on-one, the instructor can focus all his/her attention on you and each session can be structured to suit your specific needs. In today's large classrooms, students who are struggling or who are quiet or shy can get lost in the crowd. In a tutoring session, with just the tutor, students will open up and ask questions that they wouldn't during formal class time. This will allow them to gain the confidence they often lack.

2. More practice time: unlike a classroom setting, a tutoring session gives you the opportunity to speak. A good tutor will let you speak for most of the time. 

3. A flexible schedule: we will work with your schedule to better suit your busy life-style.

4. Informal approach while still focusing on specific topics: although we provide structured tutoring sessions, our approach is informal so students are at ease and it takes the pressure off those students worried about attaining good grades in a highly competitive environment. When students are more relaxed, they learn better.

5. Peer relationship between the tutor and the student: there is no intimidating teacher /student relationship.

6. A flexible approach: we use various methods depending on the particular needs, level, age and goal of each student. We can also provide support to students doing their homework, using their school books.

7. No commuting time: For most people, lack of time is a real issue and knowing that your tutor can come to your residence is a convenience.

Warning: French can be addictive!
Le français à votre portée !    French within your reach !

Vancouver, B.C.


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