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About us
Allons-y! French Tutoring Services highly values equal opportunities for all, cultural authenticity and self improvement, and these values are reflected in the way we run the enterprise.

• Mission statement : In a country that was once very divided on this issue, Allons-y! French Tutoring Services prides itself on promoting bilingualism by offering tutoring services in French. We provide personalized and structured tutoring sessions at our clients’ home for a reasonable rate, to meet the needs and the high demands of Vancouver’s market.

• Vision : Our vision is to offer excellent value for money in the field of French tutoring. 

• Values : We based our values on cultural authenticity, self-improvement for all individuals, equal opportunity and access to language acquisition for everyone.
Allons-y! French Tutoring Services is a registered small business: the tutor can offer personal tutoring services and take the time to develop an educational relationship with each student. We will discuss your goals and help you reach them.

• French is the first language of the tutor, which is, in itself, a natural advantage: the tutor can help students with accent reduction, the use of idiomatic expressions and tricky subtleties of French grammar.

• We are very dedicated to the success of our students: Although we do not advertise our main goal as one of improving grades, we do find that our school-aged clients noticeably and quickly improve their grades. 

• We have built our reputation on the satisfaction of our customers: the successful results obtained by our students speak for themselves. We are familiar with the B.C. school curriculum: we will gladly contact a student’s school teacher to synchronize our efforts if necessary. 

• We are experienced in tutoring: our experience in tutoring allows us to understand the needs, evaluate the problems and offer an appropriate study plan.

Warning: Very friendly service!

Le français à votre portée !    French within your reach !

Vancouver, B.C.

About us

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